The doG House of Cards, a Memoir

Front and back book covers

The doG House of Cards is a creative memoir of self-discovery with a spiritual edge—a story about overcoming adversity and having the grit to persevere in the midst of hopelessness. Once it became clear to me that I was not born to be just another person in the world, I began to take a closer look at my life…and I’ve come to believe that I was created with a purpose and a destiny. 

This story is about the coincidental occurrences in my life that have enlightened me to my purpose—and ultimately brought me to a place where I didn’t even know I belonged. Unfolding over decades and through a twisted chain of events I’m led to discover my place of belonging.  

When I reach a point in my life – and find myself isolated in a desert – I become terrified and begin to believe I may never survive the perils that I encounter in that valley. Due to a constant stream of wrong choices that I kept making throughout my life, I’m brought to my knees. In my darkest hour, I unexpectedly come face-to-face with what I believe to be my guarding angel. She delivers a message of hope, which gives me courage to overcome a hopeless situation. My faith is founded, and I begin to believe that there’s more to life than what I could see before I found myself in my hour of despair. Within the cracks and crevices of my life, I start to look for and find a spiritual presence. I begin to build a relationship with this spirit that would eventually change my life forever.

When I finally began to look closer at my circumstances in a way that I had not considered before encountering the presence of this spirit, the more I could see, the happier I became, the more I felt like I belonged—and the less afraid I was—until I finally ended up here…sharing my love story with all of you.  

 – Darrel F. Loyd