King to the Nines


Who or what is love? In past civilizations, love was represented by a person. If Aphrodite was the ancient Greek goddess of love and Venus was once the Roman version, then who is the goddess of love that we worship today? In the modern day, most people seem to love their money or their material possessions first and foremost. Does this mean that in today’s culture we identify love as being a thing and not a person?

I believe that if you were to ask most individuals to depict their affection toward someone or something, they would use the symbol of a heart. The heart seems to represent the place where our passions are placed for safe-keeping. If a person’s affection didn’t reside in their heart, what would be an alternative option for the residency of our affection?

I’ve also heard people use the heart as a metaphor when describing their soul. Could the soul be the place where true love resides? If we can’t touch or see love, does that mean our affection is not dimensional? If the existence of love was dimensional, would it be one-, two- or three-dimensional? A three-dimensional object consists of height, width, and length. If you add time to this equation, you get a fourth dimension, which is the one we occupy. Many people believe there’s a fifth dimension—the spiritual realm on earth. Could the soul be a fifth-dimensional spirit?

As I try to explain my thoughts of a soul’s journey, I’ll use technology metaphors to make sense of a theoretical subject. You may find this analogy to be an unconventional approach to explore a soul’s spiritual existence, but hopefully you’ll find my comparison entertaining and possibly enlightening.

I see our brains as our central processing unit, much like the CPU in a computer, and our bodies comparable to the shell of that machine. The main function of that shell is to house and protect the internal components of that device, much like our skin protects the internal components within our bodies. A desktop computer, laptop or smart phone has a hard-dive that stores its data and an operating system within the hard drive. I think of a person’s mind as the hard-drive of the body and the soul as the external hard-drive – or the backup drive – both of which reside in the mind. The mind and the soul operate in tandem but are separate from one another—it’s the brain, which acts like the CPU, that connects them to one another.

An individual’s actions and decisions throughout their life create memories, and those memories are recorded in a person’s mind and then backed-up into their soul. Random Access Memory (RAM), often referred to as main memory, primary memory, or system memory, is another hardware component inside a computer that allows information to be stored and retrieved. A system’s RAM is separate from the main-hard drive and backup drive. If a computer is turned off, all RAM data is lost. I believe a person’s spirit is much like RAM in a computer… a person who’s lost in life, or whose spirit appears to be broken, is suffering from a lack of a fellowship with his or her creator, similar to when a computer is turned off, and all the RAM data is lost and no longer available.

If you believe in God as I do, then you know He can access a person’s soul through unforeseen means, similar to how a computer can access the Internet through Wi-Fi. A code developer will at times create a backdoor into an operating system, so he or she can access the device without the user’s knowledge. I see the soul as a doorway that God has created within mankind to access our memories, actions, and decisions, without our permission or awareness. This backdoor allows Him to learn from humanity, enabling Him to evolve as we evolve. When He accesses our most inner thoughts and memories, He is just like the Internet… infinite.

I view the millennial generation as a closer representation of who God is today than any other generation in history. This may be why the younger generation is so up-to-date and technologically-savvy—because their souls have been equipped with the most current operating system. The soul has many applications within its operating platform that are beyond our comprehension and the applications within it can’t be accessed by anyone other than its creator. It’s the integrity of a person’s spirit that determines their relationship with God and the intensity of that relationship quantifies their level of faith. If faith is what nourishes the spirit, then the spirit is the key element to maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

The main function of an external hard-drive is to back up information that’s stored on a computer’s internal hard-drive. I believe an individual’s soul acts as an external hard-drive that continuously backs up information that’s constantly being stored in a person’s mind. At death, the brain, mind, spirit, and body die and at that moment the soul leaves the body. Just like when a computer dies, the operating system crashes, the CPU stops functioning, the information on the hard-drive and the RAM is lost, and the shell of the computer is scrapped for junk. Although, the user’s information that was backed up on an external hard-drive is still intact.

Is it possible for God to transform humanity into fifth dimensional spiritual beings, while humans remain on earth in their present form? The answer to this perplexing question is absolutely and positively yes. If God launched a Trojan horse from Heaven that enabled a person’s soul to merge with its mind, spirit, and body while that person was alive on earth, then I believe humans can be transformed into a new creation. This new creation would be a spiritual being living in a fifth dimension comparable to a laptop connected to the Internet. The device is theoretically the same as it was before connecting to the Internet, but the amount of knowledge and wisdom that’s available through that device has increased exponentially. Could this new spiritual creation acquire God’s wisdom, knowledge, and His infinite capacity to love? If so, I believe it would put an end to jealously, wars, strife, hatred, and many other negative behaviors caused by humans.

Is it also possible for God to spiritually reside within this new creation and become a collective God? I believe the answer to this question is once again a positive one. This new fifth-dimensional spiritual species would have holy spirits, binding them to Him and each another—a collective, much like the Borg from Star Trek, for lack of a better comparison. An alternate comparison might be a collective of remote users with individual computers that are joined together by a link to the Internet. The Internet links this cluster through a server, which represents Heaven. This server – operated and maintained by its creator – binds them to one another like an Intranet within the Internet. If God created mankind in His image, then each individual must reflect Him. All bound to one another and Him… all for one and one for all!

In the end of days, I believe creation will transform from individual human beings to a new species—collective spiritual beings living in the fifth dimension of God’s love. How else could humanity live for a thousand years on earth, as described in the Bible, if mankind isn’t transformed into a new species? This new creation inhabiting the earth would be comprised of spiritual sons and daughters of the collective God, living happily ever after, for a thousand years, inhabiting the fifth dimension of the King to the Nines. And, for the first time since the beginning of creation, everyone would be in love with his or her creator and with one another… for love is where the doG lives.

“The Middle”

Darrel F. Loyd