Table of Contents




     The End | Dead Man’s Hand

1.   The Queen of Hearts 

     A Parable | Poker Face

2.  A Full House 

3.  Dealer’s Choice

4.  Go Fish

5.  Tipping Your Hand 

6.  Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

7.  Place Your Bets 

8.  Pit Boss

9.  Playing the Wild Card

     A Parable | Four-of-a-kind 

10. What’s the Deal?

11.  For the Love of the Game

12.  It’s not About Winning or Losing; It’s About How You Play the Game

13.  Yaniv

14.  The Seven of Swords

15.  Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

16.  Joker’s Wild

17.  Eye of the Truth

      A Parable | The Color of Money

18.  A Cheating Hand

19.  A Game Changer

20.  Security in the House

21.  The Ace of Spades

      The Beginning | This is It

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